CDAY Calendar Almanac

What happened on your birthday? What happened on this day in history? CDAY reports events and birthdays and displays the date in different calendar systems.

There are three applications in the CDAY family: a graphical application, a command-line application, and a web server application.


CDAY WX is a graphical application for Windows and Linux suitable for most end-users. It includes the calendars and the almanac.


CDAY C is a versatile command-line calendar and almanac. Run it at your system startup, or as a scheduled task. Pipe it to /etc/motd. Append its output to your e-mail messages.


CDAY PHP is an almanac for web servers. Webmasters: embed it in your website and add value to attract visitors.

CDAY Libraries

Libraries are the data for the programs. They describe birthdays, reminders, and general events.


CDAY was inspired by Chesiresoft Calendar-Almanac, which was inspired by Patrick Kincaid's famous TODAY/PC (1986-1993). Earlier still, Mike Butler wrote TODAY for IBM VM/CMS in PL/1 (whatever that is).

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