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Today is Thursday, July 27, 2017.


1824 Alexandre Dumas fils, French playwright, novelist.
1835 GiosuŠ Carducci, Italian poet (Nobel 1906).
1922 Norman Lear
1931 Jerry Van Dyke
1944 Bobbie Gentry
1947 Betty Thomas
1948 Peggy Fleming, Olympic gold medalist in figure skating
1949 Maureen McGovern


Delta Aquarid meteor shower, radiant in Aquarius.
1501 Copernicus formally installed as canon of Frauenberg Cathedral
1694 Bank of England is chartered.
1836 Adelaide, South Australia founded.
1866 Atlantic telegraph cable successfully laid (1,686 miles long).
1940 Billboard magazine starts publishing best-seller's charts.
1955 Austria regains full independence after 4-power occupation.
1962 Mariner 2 launched on a flyby mission to venus
1969 Pioneer 10 Launched.

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