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Today is Thursday, July 31, 2014.


1841 Herman Melville, American author (Moby Dick, Billy Budd).
1912 Milton Friedman, economist.
1919 Curt Gowdy
1944 Geraldine Chaplin
1951 Barry Van Dyke
1958 Bill Berry
1962 Wesley Snipes
1966 Dean Cain


Delta Aquarid meteor shower, radiant in Aquarius.
1498 Christopher Columbus discovers island of Trinidad.
1588 English fleet attacks Spanish armada
1790 1st US Patent granted (for a potash process).
1948 President Truman dedicates Idlewild Field (Kennedy Airport), NY
1964 Ranger 7 transmits the 1st lunar close-up photos before impact
1970 Chet Huntley retires from NBC, ending 'Huntley-Brinkley Report' (No more "Goodnight, David", "Goodnight, Chet")

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