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Today is Sunday, January 14, 2018.


1741 Benedict Arnold, fink
1791 Calvin Phillips, became shortest known adult male (67 cm)
1861 Mehmed VI, last sultan of Ottoman Empire (1918-22)
1875 Albert Schweitzer, doctor, humanitarian, organist (Nobel 1952)
1892 Hal Roach, early film director and producer.
1906 William Bendix
1920 Andy Rooney
1938 Jack Jones
1941 Faye Dunaway
1969 Jason Bateman


1784 Revolutionary War ends when Congress ratifies Treaty of Paris
1914 Henry Ford introduces the Assembly Line for his cars.
1936 L.M. "Mario" Giannini elected president of Bank of America.
1939 All commercial ferry service to the East Bay ends.
1969 Soyuz 4 is launched

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