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Today is Tuesday, January 2, 2018.


1904 Sally Rand
1920 Isaac Asimov, scientist-writer, The Laws of Robotics
1920 Isaac Asimov
1936 Roger Miller
1939 Jim Bakker
1961 Gabrielle Carteris
1966 Tia Carrere
1968 Cuba Gooding, Jr.
1969 Christy Turlington


Betsy Ross Day
Earth at perihelion
Quadrantid meteor shower, radiant in Bo”tes
1776 first American revolutionary flag displayed.
1788 Georgia is 4th state to ratify US constitution
1893 World's Columbian Exposition opens in Chicago
1921 DeYoung Museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park opens.
1936 first electron tube described, St Louis, Missouri
1959 USSR launches Mechta, 1st lunar probe & artificial in solar orbit
1968 Dr Christian Barnard performs 1st successful heart transplant
1972 Mariner 9 begins mapping Mars

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