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Today is Saturday, January 20, 2018.


1775 Andr‚-Marie AmpŠre, founder of science of electromagnetism
1873 Johannes V Jensen, Danish novelist, poet, essayist (Nobel 1944)
1896 Nathan Birnbaum (better known as George Burns)
1896 George Burns
1920 Federico Fellini, director (8«, Satyricon)
1920 DeForest Kelley
1926 Patricia Neal
1930 Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
1934 Arte Johnson
1937 Dorothy Provine
1946 David Lynch
1971 Gary Barlow


Reindeer Day
1265 1st English Parliament, called by the Earl of Leicester
1872 California Stock Exchange Board organized.
1887 Pearl Harbor obtained by US from Hawaii for use as a naval base
1929 1st talking motion picture taken outdoors "In Old Arizona"
1937 Inauguration day, every 4th year
1981 US embassy hostages freed in Tehran after 444 days.

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