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Today is Friday, January 26, 2018.


1880 Douglas MacArthur, he did return!
1923 Anne Jeffreys
1925 Paul Newman
1929 Jules Feiffer
1935 Bob Uecker
1942 Scott Glenn
1944 Angela Davis
1946 Gene Siskel
1955 Eddie Van Halen
1958 Anita Baker
1958 Ellen DeGeneres
1961 Wayne Gretzky


Australia Day, celebrated in (where else?) Australia.
1788 1st settlement established by the English in Australia.
1837 Michigan is admitted as the 26th of the United States
1841 Hong Kong was proclaimed a sovereign territory of Britain
1871 American income tax repealed. Would that it had lasted!
1950 India becomes a republic ceasing to be a British dominion
1954 Ground breaking begins on Disneyland

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