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Today is Monday, January 29, 2018.


1688 Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedish religious leader
1737 Thomas Paine, political essayist (Common Sense, Age of Reason)
1823 E.E. Kummer --1891
1843 William McKinley, 25th President (1897-1901)
1850 Lawrence Hargrave, invented the box kite
1860 Anton Chekhov, writer (The Cherry Orchard)
1862 Frederick Delius, English composer
1880 Claude William Dukenfield (better known as W.C. Fields)
1885 Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter
1901 Allen B DuMont, perfected 1st practical cathode ray tube.
1916 Victor Mature
1918 John Forsythe
1942 Katharine Ross
1945 Tom Selleck
1950 Ann Jillian
1954 Oprah Winfrey
1960 Greg Louganis


1788 Australia Day
1861 Kansas becomes 34th state
1904 1st athletic letters given: to Univ of Chicago football team.
1920 Walt Disney starts 1st job as an artist $40 week with KC Slide Co
1944 William Allen White dies.
1959 Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" is released

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