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Today is Wednesday, January 3, 2018.


106 Cicero, Roman statesman
1543 Juan Cabrillo, discoverer of California
1777 L. Poinsot --1859
1840 Father Damien, helped the lepers in Hawaii.
1892 J.R.R. Tolkien, the REAL Lord of the Rings.
1897 Marion Davies
1898 Zazu Pitts
1905 Ray Milland, actor (Dial M for Murder, The Lost Weekend)
1909 Victor Borge, pianist, comedian, Denmark
1918 Maxene Andrews
1919 Jesse White
1932 Dabney Coleman
1939 Bobby Hull
1945 Stephen Stills
1950 Victoria Principal
1956 Mel Gibson
1960 Joan Chen
1969 Michael Schumacher
1975 Danica McKeller


Congress assembles, according to 20th amendment to constitution
Quadrantid meteor shower, radiant in Bo”tes
1521 Martin Luther excommunicated by Roman Catholic Church
1777 Washington defeats British at Battle of Princeton, NJ
1852 First Chinese arrive in Hawaii.
1870 Brooklyn Bridge begun, completed on May 24, 1883
1888 1st drinking straw is patented.
1957 first electric watch introduced, Lancaster Pennsylvania
1959 Alaska becomes the 49th state.
1977 Apple Computer incorporated.

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