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Today is Thursday, January 4, 2018.


1581 Bishop James Ussher, calculated that earth began Nov 23, 4004 BC
1643 Sir Issac Newton
1785 Jacob Grimm, German librarian, philologist, fairy tale collector
1809 Louis Braille, developed reading system for the blind.
1813 Sir Issac Pitman, shorthand inventor
1838 Charles Stratton (alias General Tom Thumb, famous short person)
1905 Sterling Holloway
1914 Jane Wyman
1935 Floyd Patterson
1937 Dyan Cannon
1958 Matt Frewer
1960 Michael Stipe


National Trivia Day. Take your TODAY program out to lunch!
Quadrantid meteor shower, radiant in Bo”tes
1754 Columbia University openes
1784 US treaty with Great Britain is ratified
1790 President Washington delivers first "State of the Union" speech.
1896 Utah becomes 45th state
1948 Burma gains independence from Britain (National Day)
1959 Soviet Luna 1 first craft to leave Earth's gravity
1982 Golden Gate Bridge closed for the 3rd time by fierce storm.
2001 Linux Kernel 2.4 released.

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