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Today is Friday, January 5, 2018.


1592 Shah Jahan, Moghul Emperor of India(1628-58), built the Taj Mahal
1779 Stephen Decatur, early American Naval hero
1828 M.E.C. Jordan --1922
1846 Rudolf Eucken, German Idealist philosopher (Nobel 1908)
1855 King Camp Gillette, inventor of the safety razor
1871 F. Enriques --1946
1876 Konrad Adenauer, German Chancellor
1895 Jeannette Piccard, balloonist, Episcopal priest
1914 George Reeves
1928 Walter Mondale
1931 Alvin Ailey
1931 Robert Duvall
1938 Juan Carlos I, King of Spain
1946 Diane Keaton
1953 Pamela Sue Martin
1960 Phil Tornally, The Cure
1969 Marilyn Manson, not a beautiful person


Twelfth Night, end of Christmas season
1809 Treaty of Dardanelles was concluded between Britain & France
1911 San Francisco has its first official airplane race.
1933 Work on Golden Gate Bridge begins, on Marin County side.
1969 USSR Venera 5 launched. 1st successful planet landing - Venus
1972 NASA announces development of Space Shuttle
1975 Salyut 4 with crew of 2 is launched for 30 days

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