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Today is Monday, October 16, 2017.


1708 Albrecht von Haller, the father of experimental physiology
1758 Noah Webster, lexicographer
1794 (B.) O. Rodrigues --1851
1854 Oscar Wilde, wit
1888 Eugene O'Neill, dramatist (Desire Under the Elms) (Nobel 1936)
1890 Paul Strand, photographer
1925 Angela Lansbury
1927 Gnter Grass, German novelist, poet (The Tin Drum)
1946 Suzanne Somers
1958 Tim Robbins
1962 Flea
1975 Kellie Martin


World Food Day.
1846 Dentist William T. Morton demonstrates the effectiveness of ether
1859 John Brown attacks the armory at Harper's Ferry.
1869 A hotel in Boston becomes the 1st to have indoor plumbing.
1916 Margaret Sanger opens first birth control clinic, in New York.
1962 Cuban missile crisis begins: JFK learns of missiles in Cuba.
1964 Brezhnev & Kosygin replace Krushchev as head of Russia
1964 China becomes world's 5th nuclear power
1970 Anwar Sadat becomes president of Egypt, succeeds Gamal Nassar.
1973 Henry Kissinger & Le Duc Tho jointly awarded Nobel Peace Prize
1978 Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla elected supreme pontiff-John Paul I
1982 Shultz warns US will withdraw from UN if it excludes Israel.
1982 Mt Palomar Observatory 1st to detect Halley's comet 13th return
1985 Intel introduces 32-bit 80386 microcomputer chip.
1998 FreeBSD 3.0 released.

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