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Today is Monday, October 2, 2017.


1851 Ferdinand Foch, believed to be the leader responsible for Allies winning World War I.
1869 Mahatma Gandhi
1871 Cordell Hull, Secretary of State, lowered tariffs, (Nobel 1945)
1890 Groucho Marx
1895 Groucho Marx, comedian
1895 Bud Abbott
1904 Graham Greene, prolific English novelist (Brighton Rock)
1928 George "Spanky" McFarland
1938 Rex Reed
1945 Don McLean
1948 Donna Karan
1951 Sting


Quadrantid meteor shower, radiant in Bo”tes
1608 Hans Lippershey offers the Dutch a new invention - the telescope
1836 Darwin returns to England aboard the HMS Beagle.
1870 Italy annexes Rome & the Papal States; Rome made Italian capital
1889 first Pan American conference.
1935 NY Hayden Planetarium, the 4th in the US, opens
1936 first alcohol power plant established, Atchison, Kansas
1942 first self-sustaining nuclear reaction demonstrated, in Chicago.
1950 The comic strip 'Peanuts' first appears, in nine newspapers.
1958 Guinea gains its independence.
1967 Thurgood Marshall is sworn as first black Supreme Court Justice

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