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Today is Monday, October 23, 2017.


1752 Nicolas Appert, inventor of food canning, bouillon tablet
1835 Adlai Stevenson, Veep
1893 Gummo Marx
1905 Felix Bloch, U.S. physicist (Nobel 1952)
1905 Karl Jansky, discoverer of cosmic radio emissions in 1932
1925 Johnny Carson, host
1940 Edison Pele, soccer player extraordinaire
1940 Pelé
1942 Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain)
1959 "Weird" Al Yankovic
1965 Al Leiter


Orionid meteor shower, radiant in Orion.
United States Day
Swallows leave San Juan Capistrano.
1910 Blanche Scott becomes first woman solo a public airplane flight
1915 25,000 women march in New York, demanding the right to vote
1941 Walt Disney's "Dumbo" is released
1946 UN Gen Assembly convenes in NY for 1st time in Flushing Meadow.
1956 The ill-fated revolt in Communist Hungary starts, later crushed by Soviet tanks.
1977 By 2/3 majority, Panamanians vote to approve a new Canal Treaty
1980 Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin resigns, due to illness.

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