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Today is Thursday, October 26, 2017.


1466 Desiderius Erasmus, Dutch scholar, author of The Praise of Folly
1759 Georges Danton, French Revolutionary leader
1855 Charles Post, who had a way with breakfast cereals.
1911 S.S. Chern --?
1911 Mahalia Jackson
1914 Jackie Coogan
1916 Francois Mitterrand, French President
1917 Felix the cat, cartoon character
1919 Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, shah of Iran (1941-79)
1937 B.G. Moishezon --1993
1942 Bob Hoskins
1947 Hillary Rodham Clinton
1947 Jaclyn Smith
1947 Pat Sajak
1954 Lauren Tewes
1962 Cary Elwes


1825 Erie Canal between Hudson River & Lake Erie opened
1861 Telegraph service inaugurated in US (end of Pony Express).
1863 Soccer rules standardized; rugby starts as a separate game.
1881 Shootout at the OK corral, in Tombstone, Arizona.
1903 "Yerba Buena" is 1st Key System ferry to cross San Francisco Bay.
1949 Pres Truman increases minimum wage - from 40 cents to 75 cents.
1956 International Atomic Energy Agency established.
1957 Vatican Radio begins broadcasting
1958 PanAm flies the first transatlantic jet trip: New York to Paris.
1968 Soyuz 3 is launched
1970 the "Doonesbury" comic strip debuts in 28 newspapers
1972 Guided tours of Alcatraz (by Park Service) begin.
1979 St. Vincent & the Grenadines gains independence from Britain.
1984 "Baby Fae" gets a baboon heart in an experimental transplant in Loma Linda, CA. She will live for 21 days with the animal heart.

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