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Today is Sunday, October 29, 2017.


Roger O'Donnell, The Cure
1656 Edmund Halley in London
1740 James Boswell, in Scotland, Samuel Johnson's biographer
1790 B.-E. Cousinery --1851
1884 Bela Lugosi, horror actor (Dracula, Body Snatcher)
1891 Fanny Brice
1921 Bill Mauldin
1947 Richard Dreyfuss
1948 Kate Jackson
1971 Winona Ryder


Republic Day, celebrated in Turkey.
539 BC Babylon falls to Cyrus the Great of Persia.
1682 Pennsylvania granted to William Penn by King Charles II.
1727 a severe earthquake strikes New England.
1833 1st College Fraternity founded.
1863 Intl Comm. of the Red Cross founded (Nobel 1917, 1944, 1963).
1923 Turkey is proclaimed to have a republican government.
1929 "Black Tuesday", the Stock Market crash.
1939 Golden Gate International Exposition closes (1st closure).
1956 "Goodnight, David" "Goodnight, Chet" heard on NBC for 1st time. (Chet Huntley & David Brinkley, team up on NBC News).

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