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Today is Friday, November 10, 2017.


1483 Martin Luther
1668 Francois Couperin, French composer
1697 William Hogarth, English satiric painter/engraver(Rake's Progress
1730 Oliver Goldsmith, Irish novelist/dramatist (She Stoops to Conquer
1759 Frederich von Schiller in Germany, poet
1793 Jared Kirtland, American physician, naturalist
1794 Admiral Matthew Perry, opened Japan to the world.
1819 Cyrus West Field, financed first successful transatlantic cable.
1829 William Booth founds The Salvation Army
1829 E.B. Christoffel --1900
1889 Claude Rains
1895 John Knudsen Northrop, aircraft designer.
1896 E.P.H. Prfer --1934
1903 Clare Booth Luce, journalist and diplomat.
1925 Richard Burton, Welsh actor (Cleopatra, Virginia Woolf)
1935 Roy Scheider
1944 Tim Rice
1949 Donna Fargo
1956 Sinbad
1959 MacKenzie Phillips


1775 US Marine Corps established by Congress
1801 Kentucky outlaws dueling
1864 Austrian Archduke Maximilian becomes emperor of Mexico
1871 Stanley presumes to meet Livingston in Ujiji, Central Africa.
1891 1st Woman's Christian Temperance Union meeting held (in Boston)
1945 Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald is liberated by US troops.
1951 1st Long Distance telephone call without operator assistance.
1968 USSR launches Zond 6 to the moon
1969 Sesame Street premiers
1970 Luna 17, with unmanned self-propelled Lunokhod 1, is launched
1975 Ore ship Edmund Fitzgerald lost in a storm on Lake Superior
1980 Voyager I flies past Saturn, sees many rings, moons.
1983 Fred Cohen, a US student, presents results of first computer virus, a security experiment, that infected a VAX graphics program.

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