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Today is Wednesday, November 15, 2017.


1738 Sir William Herschel, astronomer, discovered Uranus
1793 M. Chasles --1880
1794 F.A. Taurinus --1874
1862 Gerhart Hauptmann, German writer (Before Dawn) (Nobel 1912)
1887 Georgia O'Keeffe, in Sun Prairie Wisconsin, painter
1891 Erwin Rommel, German field marshall, the "Desert Fox"
1929 Ed Asner
1932 Petula Clark
1940 Sam Waterston
1945 Frida Lyngstad


Leonid meteor shower, radiant in Leo
1777 Continental Congress approves the Articles of Confederation
1869 Free Postal Delivery formally inaugurated.
1881 American Federation of Labor (AFL) is founded in Pittsburgh
1920 League of Nations holds 1st meeting, in Geneva
1926 National Broadcasting Company goes on-the-air, with 24 stations
1935 Philippine Islands become a self-governing U.S. Commonwealth
1939 Social Security Administration approves 1st unemployment check.
1949 KRON (Channel 4, San Francisco) signs on, from 7 to 10 PM.

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