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Today is Friday, November 17, 2017.


1717 Jean d'Alembert, French mathematician, scientist, philosopher
1790 August Ferdinand M”bius, mathematician, inventor of M”bius strip
1790 A.F. M”bius --1868
1901 Lee Strasberg
1925 Rock Hudson
1938 Gordon Lightfoot
1942 Martin Scorsese
1943 Lauren Hutton
1944 Danny DeVito
1944 Lorne Michaels
1944 Tom Seaver
1960 RuPaul
1980 Isaac Hanson


Leonid meteor shower, radiant in Leo
The day of the Great American Smoke Out.
1558 Elizabeth I ascends English throne upon death of Queen Mary
1800 Congress convenes for its 1st Washington, DC session.
1869 Suez Canal opens.
1913 Panama Canal opens for use.
1970 Russia lands unmanned remote-controlled vehicle on Moon
1977 Egyptian President Sadat accepts an invitation to visit Israel.

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