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Today is Tuesday, November 21, 2017.


1694 Voltaire, thinker
1694 Jean Francois Voltaire
1785 William Beaumont
1787 Sir Samuel Cunard, founded 1st regular Atlantic steamship line
1898 Rene Magritte
1904 Coleman Hawkins, virtually created the tenor saxophone for jazz
1920 Stan Musial
1927 Joseph Campanella
1938 Marlo Thomas
1940 Natalia Maskarova, in Leningrad, ballerina
1941 Juliet Mills
1944 Harold Ramis
1945 Goldie Hawn
1965 Bjork
1966 Troy Aikman


World Hello Day; say hello to someone
1789 NC becomes 12th state
1933 first US ambassador is sent to the USSR - WC Bullitt
1959 Jack Benny(Violin) & Richard Nixon(Piano) play their famed duet
1964 the world's longest suspension bridge, Verrazano Narrows, opens.
1973 First World Hello Day in resposes to Egypt-Isreal conflict

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