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Today is Wednesday, November 22, 2017.


1710 Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, composer, son of J.S. Bach
1803 G. Bellavitis --1880
1819 George Eliot in England, novelist (Silas Marner)
1890 Charles de Gaulle, president of France (1958-1969)
1898 Wiley Post, American aviator, parachutist
1899 Hoagy Carmichael, composer, "Star Dust".
1913 Benjamin Britten
1921 Rodney Dangerfield
1932 Robert Vaughn
1943 Billie Jean King
1958 Jamie Lee Curtis
1961 Mariel Hemingway
1964 Stephen Geoffreys


1906 The International Radio Telegraphic Convention adopts "SOS" as the new call for help.
1943 Lebanon gains its independence (would that it could keep it)
1963 President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas.
1963 Aldous Huxley dies.

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