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Today is Sunday, November 26, 2017.


1607 John Harvard, clergyman, scholar, founder of Harvard University
1876 Willis Haviland Carrier, developed air-conditioning equipment.
1894 Norbert Wiener, inventor of cybernetics
1912 Eric Severeid
1912 Eugene Ionesco
1922 Charles Schultz, cartoonist (Peanuts)
1933 Robert Goulet
1938 Rich Little
1938 Tina Turner


1716 the first lion is exhibited in America (in Boston)
1778 Captain Cook discovers Maui (in the Sandwich Islands).
1789 the first national celebration of Thanksgiving Remember: You are what you eat!
1865 Alice in Wonderland is published
1949 India adopts a constitution as a British Commonwealth Republic
1965 France launches their first satellite, a 92-pound A1 capsule
1966 first major tidal power plant opened at Rance estuary, France
1985 23rd Space Shuttle Mission - Atlantis 2 is launched

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