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Today is Sunday, December 10, 2017.


1830 Emily Dickinson, poet
1851 Melvil Dewey, created the Dewey Decimal System for libraries
1911 Chet Huntley
1914 Dorothy Lamour
1928 Dan Blocker
1952 Susan Dey
1960 Kenneth Branagh


Geminid meteor shower, radiant in Gemini
Human Rights Day, a United Nations observance.
1520 Martin Luther publicly burns the papal edict demanding he recant.
1817 Mississippi becomes 20th state
1869 Women granted right to vote in Wyoming Territory
1898 Spanish-American War ends - US acquires Guam from Spain
1901 first Nobel Peace Prizes (to Jean Henri Dunant, Fr‚d‚ric Passy).
1906 Theodore Roosevelt (first American) awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
1920 President Woodrow Wilson receives Nobel Peace Prize.
1948 UN Genl Assembly adopts Universal Declaration on Human Rights
1950 Ralph J. Bunche (1st black American) presented Nobel Peace Prize
1963 Zanzibar gains independence from Britain
1975 A. Sakharov's wife Yelena Bonner, accepts his Nobel Peace Prize.
1982 Soyuz T-5 returns to Earth, 211 days after take-off
1986 Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel accepts 1986 Nobel Peace Prize

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