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Today is Tuesday, December 12, 2017.


1805 Henry Wells, founded American Express Co. and Wells Fargo & Co.
1821 Gustave Flaubert, novelist, (Madame Bovary).
1852 Henri Becquerel, discoverer of radioactivity (Nobel 1903)
1893 Edward G. Robinson
1915 Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. Notorious for bad manners.
1915 Frank Sinatra
1918 Joe Williams
1923 Bob Barker
1938 Connie Francis
1941 Dionne Warwick
1952 Cathy Rigby
1957 Sheila E.
1970 Mädchen Amick
1975 Mayim Bialik


National Ding-a-ling Day
1787 Pennsylvania becomes the 2nd state
1871 Jules Janssen discovers dark lines in solar corona spectrum
1901 Marconi receives 1st trans-Atlantic radio signal: England to US.
1937 the first mobile TV unit, in New York.
1963 Kenya gains its independence from Britain (National Day).
1964 Russia launches Voshkod I, 1st multi-crew in space (3 men)

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