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Today is Thursday, December 21, 2017.


1879 Joseph Stalin
1911 Josh Gibson, in professional baseball, the "Negro Babe Ruth"
1922 Paul Winchell
1935 Phil Donahue
1937 Jane Fonda
1940 Frank Zappa
1944 Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor
1948 Samuel L. Jackson
1954 Chris Evert
1959 Florence Griffith Joyner
1966 Kiefer Sutherland


Ursid meteor shower
Winter Solstice (at 2:21 PM PDT), shortest day of the year.
1620 The pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock.
1913 1st crossword puzzle (with 32 clues), printed in New York World
1937 the first feature-length cartoon with color and sound premieres, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Still one of the best.
1968 Apollo 8 (Borman, Lovell, Anders), first manned moon voyage
1973 Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, US & USSR meet in Geneva: peace?

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