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Today is Wednesday, December 27, 2017.


1571 Johannes Kepler, discovered planets travel in eliptical orbits.
1571 J. Kepler --1630
1822 Louis Pasteur
1879 Sydney Greenstreet
1901 Marlene Dietrich
1906 Oscar Levant
1939 John Amos
1948 Gerard Depardieu


1825 first public steam railroad completed in England.
1831 Darwin begins his voyage onboard the HMS Beagle.
1903 "Sweet Adaline", a barbershop quartet favorite, is 1st sung.
1932 Radio City Music Hall in New York City opens.
1934 the first youth hostel is opened, in Northfield, Mass
1945 International Monetary Fund established-World Bank founded
1979 Soviet troops invade Afghanistan, "Russia's Viet Nam"

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