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Today is Thursday, December 28, 2017.


1856 Woodrow Wilson, 28th President (1912-1921)
1856 Woodrow Wilson
1905 Cliff Arquette
1905 Earl "Fatha" Hines
1908 Lew Ayres
1911 Sam Levenson
1924 Johnny Otis
1934 Maggie Smith
1946 Edgar Winter
1954 Denzel Washington
1969 Linus Torvalds, father of Linux kernel


Halcyon Days end
1669 A patent for chewing gum is granted to William Semple.
1846 Iowa becomes the 29th state
1890 Battle of Wounded Knee, SD - Last major conflict with Indians
1902 Trans-Pacific cable links Hawaii to US.
1912 San Francisco Municipal Railway starts operation at Geary St. (MUNI was the first municipally-owned transit system)

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