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Today is Wednesday, December 6, 2017.


1682 G.C. Fagnano --1766
1822 John Eberhard, built 1st large scale pencil factory in US.
1856 W.F.A. von Dyck --1934
1870 William S. Hart, star of silent Western movies
1886 Joyce Kilmer, American poet (Trees)
1887 Lynn Fontanne
1896 Ira Gershwin
1906 Agnes Moorehead
1920 Dave Brubeck
1924 Wally Cox
1936 David Ossman
1953 Tom Hulce
1955 Steven Wright
1956 Peter Buck


1492 Haiti discovered by Columbus
1534 Quito, Ecuador is founded by the Spanish
1631 first predicted transit of Venus is observed, by Kepler.
1882 Atmosphere of Venus detected during transit
1917 Finland gains its independence, from Russia.
1957 1st US attempt to launch a satellite: Vanguard rocket blows up.
1972 UNIX version 2 written in C.

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