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Today is Thursday, December 7, 2017.


1761 Madame Marie Tussaud, created wax museum
1830 A.L.G.G. Cremona --1903
1915 Eli Wallach, Jr.
1923 Ted Knight
1932 Ellen Burstyn
1942 Harry Chapin
1947 Johnny Bench
1956 Larry Bird
1958 Edd Hall
1987 Aaron Carter


1787 Delaware ratifies the Constitution, becomes the first state.
1842 the New York Philharmonic plays its first concert.
1941 Pearl Harbor is attacked ("A day that will live in infamy.")
1941 first Japanese submarine sunk by American ship (USS Ward)
1960 France grants the Ivory Coast independence (National Day)
1972 Apollo 17, last of the Apollo moon series, launched.

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