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Today is Wednesday, March 14, 2018.


1681 Georg Philipp Telemann, leading German late baroque composer.
1864 Casey Jones
1879 Albert Einstein, relative
1879 Albert Einstein
1912 Les Brown
1920 Hank Ketcham
1928 Frank Borman
1933 Michael Caine
1933 Quincy Jones
1947 Billy Crystal
1983 Taylor Hanson


1629 Royal charter grants Massachusets Bay Colony
1644 Royal patent for Providence Plantations (now Rhode Island).
1794 Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin
1870 Legislature approves act making Golden Gate Park possible.
1896 Sutro Baths opens by Cliff House (closed Sept 1, 1952).
1900 US currency goes on gold standard
1903 First national bird reserve established in Sebastian, Florida
1923 President Harding is the first president to file his income tax.
1948 Freedom Train arrives in San Francisco.
1965 Israeli cabinet approves diplomatic relations with W Germany
1983 OPEC cuts oil prices for first time in 23 years.
1994 Linux kernel 1.0 released.

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