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Today is Sunday, March 25, 2018.


1538 C. Clavius --1612
1798 C. Gudermann --1852
1867 Arturo Toscanini
1881 Bela Bartok
1908 David Lean
1920 Howard Cosell
1921 Simone Signoret
1934 Gloria Steinem
1940 Anita Bryant
1942 Aretha Franklin
1943 Paul Michael Glaser
1946 Bonnie Bedelia
1947 Elton John, singer
1965 Sarah Jessica Parker, actress


1634 Maryland founded as a Catholic colony
1655 Christiaan Huygens discovers Titan, (Saturn's largest satelite)
1821 Greece gains its independence.
1857 Frederick Laggenheim takes the 1st photograph of a solar eclipse
1951 Purcell and Ewen detect 21-cm radiation at Harvard physics lab
1954 RCA manufactures the first COLOR television.
1955 East Germany granted full sovereignty by occupying power, USSR
1960 First guided missile launched from nuclear powered sub (Halibut)

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