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Today is Monday, March 26, 2018.


1848 K. Andreev --1921
1874 Robert Frost, poet
1903 P. du Val --1987
1911 Tennessee Williams, dramatist, "Streetcar Named Desire"
1925 Pierre Boulez, French composer.
1930 Sandra Day O'Connor
1931 Leonard Nimoy, "That isn't logical Captain."
1934 Alan Arkin
1939 James Caan
1942 Erica Jong
1943 Bob Woodward
1944 Diana Ross
1948 Steven Tyler
1949 Vicki Lawrence
1950 Martin Short
1950 Teddy Pendergrass
1954 Curtis Sliwa
1960 Marcus Allen
2228 James T. Kirk, captain of the starship Enterprise


Prince Kuhio Day (celebrated in Hawaii).
1845 Adhesive medicated plaster patented, precusor of bandaid.
1878 Hastings College of Law founded.
1885 Eastman Film Company makes first commercial motion picture film
1937 Spinach growers of Crystal City, Tx, erect statue of Popeye
1953 Dr Jonas Salk announces new vaccine against polio
1958 Army launched US's 3rd successful satellite Explorer III
1970 Golden Gate Park Conservatory made a City Landmark.
1971 East Pakistan proclaimed independence taking name Bangladesh
1979 Camp David peace treaty between Israel and Egypt
1982 Groundbreaking in Washington DC for Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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