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Today is Wednesday, March 7, 2018.


1824 D. Codazzi --1873
1849 Luther Burbank, plant breeder
1872 Pieter Mondriaan
1875 Maurice Ravel, "Bolero"
1875 Maurice Ravel
1930 Lord Snowdon
1934 Willard Scott
1940 Daniel J. Travanti
1942 Tammy Faye Bakker
1960 Ivan Lendl


1778 James Cook first sights Oregon coast, at Yaquina Bay
1848 In Hawaii, the Great Mahele (division of lands) is signed.
1876 Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone.
1912 Roald Amundsen announces the discovery of the South Pole
1926 First transatlantic telephone call (London-New York)
1933 The game "Monopoly" is invented.
1936 Hitler breaks Treaty of Versailles, sends troops to Rhineland
1962 US Orbiting Solar Observatory is launched.
1981 Walter Cronkite's final CBS anchor appearance. Still unequaled.

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