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Today is Tuesday, September 26, 2017.


1637 S. le Clerc --1714
1774 John Chapman, alias Johnny Appleseed
1888 T.S. Eliot
1898 George Gershwin, composer, "Rhapsody In Blue"
1914 Jack LaLanne
1926 Julie London
1948 Olivia Newton-John
1956 Linda Hamilton
1972 Shawn Stockman
1981 Serena Williams


1542 Cabrillo discovers California
1687 Parthenon destroyed in war between Turks & Venetians
1789 Jefferson appointed 1st Sec of State; John Jay 1st chief justice; Samuel Osgood 1st Postmaster & Edmund J Randolph 1st Attorney Gen
1824 Kapiolani defies Pele (Hawaiian volcano goddess) and lives.
1896 John Philip Sousa's Band's first performance in Plainfield, NJ
1914 Federal Trade Commission formed to regulate interstate commerce
1950 UN troops in Korean War recaptured South Korean capital of Seoul
1966 Japan launches its 1st satellite in to space
1966 The Staten Island is 1st icebreaker to enter SF bay
1983 Australia II wins The America's Cup yacht race
1983 Cosmonauts Titov & Strekalov are saved from exploding Soyuz T-10

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