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Today is Thursday, September 28, 2017.


106 BC Pompey (Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus) in Rome
490 BC Greeks defeat Persians at Marathon
551 Confucius (as celebrated in Taiwan)
1820 Freidrich Engels German social philosopher
1839 Frances Willard, founded Women's Christian Temperance Union
1841 Georges Clemenceau French statesman
1841 F. Prym --?
1852 Henri Moissan, French chemist; isolated fluorine (Nobel 1906)
1873 J.L. Coolidge --1954
1901 Ed Sullivan
1902 Ed Sullivan TV variety show host
1909 Al Capp, put Dogpatch, USA on the map
1924 Marcello Mastroianni
1925 Seymour Cray, inventor of Cray I computer
1925 Arnold Stang
1934 Brigette Bardot, cute
1934 Brigitte Bardot
1952 Sylvia Kristel, in Holland, (Emmanuelle)
1964 Janeane Garofalo
1967 Mira Sorvino
1967 Moon Unit Zappa


1066 William the Conqueror landed in England
1542 Juan Cabrillo discovers California, at San Diego Bay.
1781 Siege of Yorktown begins, last battle of the Revolutionary War
1858 Donati's comet becomes the 1st to be photographed
1920 Baseball's biggest scandal, grand jury indicts 8 White Sox for throwing the 1919 World Series with the Cincinnati Reds
1924 2 US Army planes completed 1st around the world flight
1965 Jack McKay in X-15 reaches 90 km
1970 Anwar Sadat replaces Nassar as President of Egypt

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