What happened on your birthday? What happened on this day in history? CDAY reports events and birthdays and displays the calendar in multiple systems:

CDAY written in C is a command-line utility. Run it at your system startup or as a scheduled task. Pipe it to /etc/motd. Append its output to your e-mail messages.

Windows users: This edition doesn't include a graphical interface or Windows installer. Novices should try the online edition, CDAY PHP, or the graphical desktop edition, CDAY WX.

Screen shot

See screen shot.

Download program

Versions pre1/pre2 are considered stable, no bugs have been discovered since the release in summer 2003.

Your rights to use and distribute CDAY are licensed to you under the GNU General Public License.

Download libraries

Download libraries for the data (the events).

Download source

Mosts users do not need source. If you use DOS, Windows, Linux, or OS/2, try the binaries (above).

Platform Compiler Status
i386/Windows DJGPP OK
i386/Linux GCC OK
amd64/Linux GCC OK


Read documentation for v1.20-pre1.


See CDAY's project page on to submit bug reports and feature requests. You may also contact the author directly.

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