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Welcome to a collection of thousands of free historical events including birthdays and today-in-history information.

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CDAY libraries (GNU Free Documentation License)

Official CDAY libraries include about 2800 events, including recent data. This is mostly birthdays, but there are many computer-related events. For a good set of general events, try Kincaid data.

These are provided to you under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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Patrick Kincaid libraries (GNU Free Documentation License)

Kincaid's libraries of 4500 events are now licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Last updated 1993.

Bruce T. Goldman libraries (public domain)

Bruce T. Goldman's libraries are a huge collection of some 150,000 events. It's really big. There are an average of 410 events per day, and may be too much for you. Last updated 1998.

Note: There are duplicates with some pre-1999 CDAY data.

Note: These files are converted from a different file format. If you find Bruce T. Goldman data elsewhere, it may not be compatible with CDAY.

Character sets

If extended characters do not display correctly on your system, you may need to convert the character set. This is usually true with Patrick Kincaid and Bruce T. Goldman's data.

Patrick Kincaid data uses the CP473 character set (MS-DOS). You probably use the ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8 character set.

Using iconv, try something like this. One of these should work.
iconv -f cp437 -t iso-8859-1 today.jan -o today.iso.jan
iconv -f cp437 -t utf8 today.jan -o today.utf8.jan


The CDAY project welcomes library submissions under certain conditions. First, your submission will be distributed by the GNU Free Documentation License and must be your own or public domain (i.e., no plagiarism). Check submissions for accuracy. The data must follow format and should follow style.

The current library format is--briefly--[B|S|E]MMDDYYY T[...]. This is a limited system and will be replaced. To start, it does not helpfully address character set or language differences.

CDAY Style

Submission should adhere to the CDAY style.

B06121929 Anne Frank, had a diary
B07261943 Mick Jagger, never gathers moss

While had a diary and never gathers moss do not convey much fact, they cleverly summarize Anne Frank and Rolling Stone Mick Jagger. In other words, it's preferable to be concise and clever than to be verbose. The following factual style is OK too:

B08101874 Herbert Hoover, 31st President (1929-1933)
S01081978 Intel releases 16-bit 8086 processor.

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