Today is Thursday, February 23, 2017.


1685 George Frideric Handel, Baroque composer
1685 George Frederic Handel
1868 W.E.B. DuBois
1939 Peter Fonda
1944 Johnny Winter
1951 Patricia Richardson
1955 Howard Jones


F.W. Woolworth opens the first '5 & 10', in Utica, NY.
1887 Congress grants Seal Rocks to San Francisco.
1900 Steamer "Rio de Janiero" sinks in San Francisco Bay.
1958 Last SF Municipal arc light, over intersection of Mission & 25th Street, removed (it had been installed in 1913).

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What happened on this day in history? What happened on your birthday? Web-based CDAY, an almanac for web servers, reports events, birthdays, and holidays, and supports RSS (XML).

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