Today is Saturday, April 25, 2015.


1599 Oliver Cromwell, British Puritan reformer, roundhead
1849 C.F. Klein --1925
1874 Guglielmo Marconi, Bologna Italy, invented radio, (Nobel 1909)
1908 Edward R. Murrow, set the standard for TV correspondents.
1918 Ella Fitzgerald
1930 Paul Mazursky
1932 Meadowlark Lemon
1940 Al Pacino
1945 Bjorn Ulvaeus
1945 Stu Cook
1946 Talia Shire
1964 Hank Azaria
1969 Renee Zellweger


Arbor Day. Plant a tree.
TV-Turnoff Week
1901 New York becomes first state requiring license plates for cars
1945 United Nations Conference starts.
1957 First experimental sodium nuclear reactor starts up.
1959 St Lawrence Seaway opens to shipping
1961 Mercury/Atlas rocket lifts off with an electronic mannequin.
1961 Robert Noyce is granted a patent for the integrated circuit.
1972 Glider pilot Hans Grosse flies a record 1461 km
1975 First Boeing Jetfoil service, Hong Kong to Macao.
2003 Judge rules companies providing Peer to Peer file sharing are not liable for copyright infringements of users (MGM v. Grokster).

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