What happened on your birthday? What happened on this day in history? CDAY reports events and birthdays and displays the calendar in multiple systems:

Download program

Your rights to use and distribute CDAY are licensed to you under the GNU General Public License. Any libraries included are licensed to you under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Version Platform Package format Includes wxWidgets .dll/.so? (required) Includes events data libraries? (*) File name / size
24 May 2004
Windows 95 (or bigger) .exe (installer) yes cdaylib cdaywx-0.5.1.exe (2.0M)
Linux .rpm yes none cdaywx-0.5.1-i586.static.rpm (727K)
no none cdaywx-0.5.1-1-i586.rpm (47K)

Download libraries

Download libraries for the data (the events).

Download source

Mosts users do not need the source, which requires wxWidgets.


See CDAY's project page on to submit bug reports and feature requests. You may also contact the author directly.

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